Web designing is not a job anyone can do. Only if done by a Professional Designer with the third eye, you can call a site a designer website....... This is what NMI specializes in DESIGN ! ! !

NMI has designed many websites with clientele from Multinational Corporate Clients to Small to Medium sized Companies.

It has catered to clients of all kinds of Businesses (Trading Companies, Manufacturers, Builders, Retailers, Service Providers and Professionals. We are sure that your companies needs could also be looked after by us.

Our expertise in this subject is regarded as one of the highest standards in this Industry. NMI gives a graphical, user friendly and interactive style for visitors to a website to get dazzled.

Technologies such as MACROMEDIA FLASH (SHOCKWAVE) are used in order to get the visitor in a dream world while the site displays the USPs (Unique Selling Point) and Importance and Specialties of the Company.

The sites designed by us, tries to establish the first contact point of the visitor enabling him with Interactivity to communicate with the company.

New Media Interactive also offers a Solution to make a site with virtually no content or picture material on Hand. We offer Copywriting of the Company Profile, Photography of products to make a digital catalogue. Also Scanning on High Resolution outputs to make a Dream Website!!!

NMI can also make a catalogue site running of a Database, which makes product search and interactive features possible.

Today NMI has established a relationship with over 1000 clients. Clients with existing websites also come to NMI to REVAMP or REDESIGN their sites and make them modern in tune with to days designs and technologies available.

NMI ensures that your site will be ready in virtually no time, and helps the company to officially launch their website.

Do Contact us and we will be pleased to service you.

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