Interactive Multimedia Presentations

You've got to get out there and sell off your laptop. You've got to make your audience sit up and listen... no more dozing through yet another slideshow. More than that, you want your presentation to work in different situations - so you need different versions.

Imagine being able to:

> Deliver impressive laptop presentations

> Use big screen playback, click-by-click in major account presentations

> Help client champions to convince their colleagues in your absence

> Give blockbuster exhibitions and seminars

> Stream your business message as web video

> Post or upload talking cd brochures to prospects and customers

We help you convince and impress at every customer touch point See multimedia examples in our multimedia presentation gallery


We supply a full end-to-end package right through from concept to roll-out.

Each interactive presentation includes:

> Up to 10 richly animated slides

> Up to 6 click-through bullet points per slides

> Supplied as separate click-through presentation and voiceover brochure version

> Personalised intro screen with each client's name and logo on the click-through presentation

> Each slide designed in your corporate style

> Customisable template included

> Expert script & storyboard service

> A top professional voiceover artist, male or female

> An individual music track for each section

> A streaming video version of your voiceover brochure for your website

> Optional roll-out training for your sales force so they maximise the value of their presentation

We want your presentation to keep your audience riveted to your message.

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Interactive Multimedia Presentations : The Facts Interactive Multimedia Presentations offer

> High impact business meetings

> Memorable training packages

> Superior client communications

These undeniable benefits have all emerged with advances faster PC processing and the growth in interactive cd, cd business cards, usb sticks and flash drives.

We probably don't need to remind you that Interactive CD-Rom allows you to play any combination of media inc video, graphics, digital camera or scanner output, voiceover, music, sound effects, text, captions and animation. Theatre of Dreams stuff!

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Interactive Multimedia Applications

Interactive Multimedia can be used for:

Structured sales messages designed for low cost mailshot, helping sales reps introduce your company or to close deals.

Digital brochures that speak and create exciting experiences that people will genuinely enjoy receiving

Interactive business and top corporate presentations designed to inform and impress

When PowerPoint or your intranet can't do what you want, then look at interactive multimedia cd-rom because it probably can.

When superior quality presentation matters above everything else, put your own original design, content and ideas onto a interactive cd-rom or USB stick.

How does Multimedia compare to the alternatives ?

Interactive multimedia on a cd-rom or from a from usb drive has none of the limits inherent in other systems

> It offers the power of persuasive presentations and professional training packages.

> It makes audiences react by involving them.

> Audiences learn. They appreciate what you have to tell them, and they remember it.

> Research shows that by combining sight and sound retention of information is doubled

Best of all, this is now an affordable option.

Why choose New Media Interactive for your Multimedia ?

At we've been designing multimedia presentations since they began, winning numerous awards including Interactive Media Project of the Year and the Europrix Quality Seal.

We work for major blue chip companies, government and local government, and ambitious SMEs, UK and worldwide.

We work closely with you to produce a matchless script and content so that each multimedia page will impact on your chosen audience.

Then we storyboard your script, visually realising your ideas for maximum audience appeal - a full range of services

Whether you need video in your package, animation, audio fx or skilled programming effects, we have the experience, technology and resources to do it.

It's teamwork all the way. And the result you get is something specia

Instead of a showreel, we prefer to let our work for our clients speak for itself.

If your project matters to you, and you need a team with the experience

and the brilliance to make things happen then talk to us.

Discover the skills and resources you'll need if you want to go it alone.

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