Incase you have Multi-Office Setup or a Multi Branch Setup, and would like your Branch offices or Each Individual to have an Email ID on your Domain Name, this is possible by using the NMI mail solution.

NMI can give you mail IDs on an Individual basis or a Group Basis. You can access your mail through our Web based ( Browser based) system from any part of the world ( send & receive mails ).

All the three servers are dedicated servers and are used exclusively by the Clients of New Media Interactive and controlled by NMI.
All mails can download on Client and Software such as Ms outlook Express, MS outlook, Netscape Communication, Eudora mail etc...
Our services are Blackberry, Windows PDA & IPhone Compatible and can be downloaded by any Device supporting the POP3 environment.

NMI can also give you a corporate mail intranet system, which can allow all members of your organisation to send and receive their mail directly from their PC.

NMI can tailor made a Proxy Internet to web sharing solution, which can give access to all Nodes or Selected nodes depending on the users requirements with security option such as fire walls and access control browsing.

For More Information on what we can do we request you to please fill this form with your requirements.