New Media Interactive can registered Domain names for your company need consultancy for a domain name, based on the business they are in & the company name.
Here NMI provides full consultancy for the best identity on the internet.
NMI registers .com, .net, .org,, .in, .uk, .cc, .tv, .us & other .name.
In order for you to get the name you want, kindly fill up the form
NMI has also help customers solve domain disputes Incase your Domain Name has been illegally taken away or your Domain name is been misused, NMI can provide services to get your name back.
Incase the Registrant Name is someone else's, we can change the registrant name to your name. Most Web-designers keep the registrant name on their name, so when there is a dispute, they leave you in a soup!! We will help you out of this soup!!