NMI has been authoring / mastering CDs for various Magazines and Corporate Profiles & Product brochure . We can setup the Idea right from Start, with the idea, the design the features, and the interactivity.

CDs can be Video based or totally graphically Interactive.

The CDs can be web enabled so as to gather more information or Links to websites, directly from the CD.

The CD can also work on a Database to search for products or services and make this user friendly.

We can also replicate your Website onto CD's or Business Card CDs, which on top is your business card and the contents inside are a CD.
The Graphical Authoring can be made in the form of Animations.

For more information on the CDs please Email info@nminteractive.com

After the mastering NMI can also arrange Mass replication or Duplication of the CDs. NMI has exclusive tie ups with some of the Biggest CD Manufacturers and can give a better price than what is available in the market.