In order to make a catalogue website Interactive and a product or a word search possible, NMI has pioneered in bringing a website up using a Database.
Where there are complexities of searching for a products or there is a very vast range of products, the database search features allows the users to narrow down the website and can reach exactly where he or she would like to reach.
The database website suits best when there are  technical information's,  or many Sub classifications or Categories of products.  It could also be used when there are many Model Numbers to the products ranges, and the entire range can be looked for through types or keywords or Features or Specifications.

The advantage for this solution is that the pages look standard and similar following a template, and the Pages can be Updated directly by the client, by going into the administrative mode or the Control Panel.

The client can add or remove products. Modify text and do any thing from his office without coming through to us.

With this system your site can also have RESTRICTED USER CONTROL SYSTEM, where a user needs a username and password. You can Monitor which models or Areas of Interest of a Client when he visited your Catalogue site. which can give you complete stats of what the user or your client saw on your website. This can help you analyze his interest better, and let you know which products he is interested in. This system also stops your competitors from seeing what you are offering your buyers.

The sites would be built on an MsAccess or MsSQL database depending on the requirements and volume / structure of the database.

It is easy to use and user friendly. Please contact us for more details (